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Eaton Hall has 25 years of creating and promoting live events that make business connections happen
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Our Unique Meeting Format: "Speed Dating for Business"

Face-to-face meetings, pre-arranged, completely unlike a trade show


Eaton Hall's unique events are not trade shows. In fact, they're everything a trade show isn't. There's no expo floor, no carpet to rent, no hassle with labor or freight. It's 100% live selling time.

We bring buyers and sellers together for direct, productive conversations in a casual, intimate environment. We pre-schedule private and small-group meetings, by appointment, between people who want to talk with each other. Buyers and suppliers are carefully matched based on mutual interests, which is why some people refer to us as "speed dating for business."

Each event is highly-targeted to a very specific business segment. Which means everyone in the room is in the same business dealing with the same issues. It's a community that's ready to share and relate.

The Eaton Hall events are relaxed, comfortable, and focused. Hosted in four- and five-star hotels and resorts, our programs include everything you need: hotel accomodations, meals, even airport pickups and evening activities. Every participant is treated like our personal guest. And we make sure that everything that happens facilitates meaningful, productive conversations. It's all about putting people at ease, so they can get to know each other.

If you'd like to spend your next visit to a business event where there's more "trade" than "show," we invite you to contact us about being part of an Eaton Hall Forum or Summit.